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"My Equidae Story"

Lynne H.
June 2014

When we first got Equidae in the store, our rep gave me a bag to try. I took it home and it sat in my feed room for several weeks while I researched it and decided who I should use it on. My choice became apparent one Sunday.

Below are photos of our Arabian reining horse Count Glen DDA. These first photo was taken on the day he arrived home from a trainer in California. Needless to say, we were devastated by his care and condition.

my equidae story - horse arrived

This next photo was taken exactly two weeks after the above photo, and after adding Equidae to his diet.

my equidae story - horse after two weeks

And this next photo is 6 weeks after the first photo was take.

my equidae story - horse after 6 weeks

Lakita after 2 weeks"NONE of my horses had ulcers"

Mel G.
January 2013

I have been feeding EQUIDAE Alfalfa Extruded Horse feed for over a year now. My horses travel every weekend, short trips and long trips on the trailer and staying in faraway places. They train hard and compete even harder at NBHA and WPRA Rodeo events. This used to give me concern for ulcers, crankiness and colic. I saw a huge difference in the cranky ears. I had none. Never an issue with colic as they love to eat this food and the Prebiotic and Probiotics kept the digestive system working well. It is easier to digest and is done in the small intestines so we feed less per pound. Proof of no ulcers came in mid-season when we went to the vet for a free research scope with a company that makes ulcer products. They were VERY surprised that NONE of my horses had ulcers. The trail horse before them did, she feeds sweet feed.

My 16 Year old horse had a great year. He won 2D Championship at NBHA Syracuse, won 3D Seniors at NBHA Colonials with a previous owner, made the NBHA World Finals in Open and Seniors with 2 separate riders and won over $2400 and 3 buckles in a week long competition. Those are just a few of this year’s winnings. He was able to stay healthy and looking good in part by eating EQUIDAE. I won’t have to change their grain ever again as no other horse feed will be able to compete with EQUIDAE.

Lakita after 2 weeks"EQUIDAE Coastal has definitely contributed to her glossy golden coat, perfect weight and healthy immune system"

Maaike C.
February 2012

Lakita after 6 monthsA year ago Lakita was a horse that had been left to die. When we found her, she was lying in a small paddock just waiting to pass on. Beside her were a pony and two unfortunate horses that were already dead. She was completely emaciated, had pressure sores on her hips, shoulders and withers, had a hard time breathing and diarrhea that lasted about 6 months. The first few days that we had her consisted of her sleeping on a comfortable bed of shavings and being fed very small meals every few hours. She had very little energy but definitely had the will to live. After months of rehabilitation which has included EQUIDAE Coastal, grass hay and alfalfa, she has turned into a beautiful, trusting and spirited Paso Fino. EQUIDAE Coastal has definitely contributed to her glossy golden coat, perfect weight and healthy immune system. She has been on EQUIDAE Coastal for 18 months and will never be off it!

Likota after 1 yearI have included before and after pictures and you can see for yourself what a huge difference EQUIDAE Coastal has done for Lakita. The first picture was taken 2 weeks after we rescued her. The second picture shows her at 6 month of rehabilitation after being ridden for a month. We had taken her to a 4H show. We took her to the show to get her used to leaving her safe environment of home and be able to realize that she would always be coming back. I was not planning on riding her! She was previously extremely nervous about trailering; however once we arrived at the show she was completely relaxed so I decided to enter her into two western pleasure classes. As you can see she placed in both!

The third picture is of her after about 1 year on EQUIDAE. She is a perfect weight and extremely healthy and happy.


Pine"Her energy levels became more stable and predictable"

Maaike C.
February 2012

Pine has been on EQUIDAE Coastal for 2 years and looks great. Not only does she look healthy but she is mentally healthy too. An EQUIDAE sale representative saw her at the California State Fair Western pleasure show and asked us what feed she was on because she looked so healthy and shiny. At the time she was on another performance feed. She looked amazing, however her energy levels weren't. She was extremely unpredictable in her energy bursts. One minute she would be calm and the next she would be snorting and hot. She was like a child who gets a sugar rush and then crashes. PineShe had a lot of stamina and would be stuck on an energy high for ages and couldn't concentrate on the task at hand, however once she was back in a calmer environment she would be wonderful again. The EQUIDAE agent explained that because most feed are concentrated sugars the body absorbs them and then releases them all at once, creating a sugar high. Most horses can handle the increase but some, like my horse, are really affected. He suggested switching to EQUIDAE not for the benefit of a healthy coat or good weight but to help her mentally. Because EQUIDAE is extruded feed, it is slower for the body to metabolize and would help maintain her energy. After about 2 months on EQUIDAE Coastal her energy levels became more stable and predictable. Since being on EQUIDAE I have changed disciplines from rodeo events to dressage and United States Pony Club. Not only are her energy levels consistent but she can concentrate for longer periods of time and has become an amazing pony club mount that I can actually trust. EQUIDAE Coastal has definitely helped us make the difficult transition from western to English riding as smooth as possible.


Coral"Thank you EQUIDAE for giving me a calmer horse with more endurance!"

January 2012

I have a 6 year old Kiger mustang and she can get a little hot sometimes so I have to be careful about what I feed her. A friend of mine recommended EQUIDAE Coastal so I thought I would give it a try. I was a little hesitant because it is more expensive than what I was feeding per bag but when I looked at the amount to feed, it was less per day than I was feeding so the overall cost is going to equal out. The feed looks like dog kibble and she is a picky eater so I was a little worried she wouldn’t eat it but my horse chowed it right down and was looking for more.

CoralAfter being on it for a coupled months, I noticed that she was going much longer without puffing and was hardly sweating on our trail rides. Her get up and go was lasting much longer than before. The food was the only change I made in the last couple months so I’m guessing she is getting more out of the food and that was helping her endurance.

The other thing I noticed was that she wasn’t as “hot”. She calmed down and started thinking much sooner in the rides. Everyone noticed how great she is doing and I’m really happy with our progress.

We entered in our first Mountain Trail Challenge and took 2nd place. Yay!! Thank you EQUIDAE for making such a good food and giving me a calmer horse with more endurance!!

Huasna Valley 4H "What has happened to your horse? He looks amazing!"

Jill V.
Huasna Valley 4H, CA
November 2011

We have a very unusual 4H Horse group. It is basically a distance riding, more extreme group. We have been riding together as a group for about 1 1/2 years with the goal of conditioning and riding distance. We have done long camping trips, long trail rides and conditioned our horses under the guidance of our main leader, Beverly Poorman.

This year we decided to ride an NATRC competitive trail ride. Beverly has done it in the past but none of us had ever seen one. As we heard CONSTANTLY, "nobody rides in the "open" division for their first ride. Everyone starts in "novice", sometimes staying in that category for years before moving up". We entered in the "open" division since Beverly said our horses were all ready.

If you don't know about NATRC rides, it is not a race, but a competition requiring great horsemanship, timing (you must complete each ride within a 30 minute time window), pace, and condition of the horse. The Pulse and Respiration of the horse, as well as the "condition" of the horse is check several times on each leg of the ride.

Several months before the competition, I noticed that my horse was losing "steam" during the end of our long rides and conditioning rides. His pulse and respirations were good, but he just didn't have the enthusiasm. I went into Farm Supply and Terrin (a horse savvy employee there) suggested that I try EQUIDAE, so I did.

Within TWO WEEKS his body had filled out like I hadn’t' been able to get prior to that (he is just 5) and his energy LASTED to the end. In fact, when we attended the next group ride (I am a co-leader), EVERYBODY said, "What has happened to your horse? He looks amazing!" Of course, I told them that we had just started EQUIDAE. Every single horse in our group decided to add EQUIDAE to their horse's diet. And, all of them saw great results. We were all feeding and supplementing with high quality feed, but the change was noticeable to all.

We went to the NATRC ride, just hoping that we would get all the trails, P and R's and protocol right. The first day was 30 hilly miles. The second day was 20 hilly miles. It was 29 degrees when we started riding at 7:30 am on Saturday, and the pace was fairly quick to meet time.

Not only did all our horses complete the ride, but they ALL PLACED!!!! The ride committee was THRILLED to have a 4H group come and do so well. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to learn something new and more extreme. I am convinced that if my horse (and the others) had not found EQUIDAE we would not have done nearly so well. We even packed it in our lunches and fed it to them at the lunch stop for a little extra boost.

Thanks so much for taking time to read about our experience.

Diva on EQUIDAE"Thank you for making a product that defines EQUINE!"

Arin T.
San Luis Obispo, CA
June 2011

I started feeding EQUIDAE back in October 2010. It was a featured product at my local feed store and I couldn’t resist doing research online before buying. I wanted to make sure to supply my horse with best out there. I absolutely love this product of yours. My mare is a six year old reined cow horse. She is extremely cowy! All the other feed products in the past from competitors always made my horse high. But somehow yours does not.

I really like that all the ingredients are natural ingredients that you don’t really see in other feed products or you buy them separately. My favorite is the Coastal Plus. My mare gets Alfalfa daily and I wish I could do grass hay with her, but where I live hay is extremely expensive, so I supplement her with the Coastal Plus in replace of grass hay. I absolutely love it! My mare’s coat looks like a million dollars, her mentality has changed, she is no longer like a prancing Lipizzaner every time we head out to trail ride or work cows in the arena. It’s been eight months since she has been on your Coastal Plus all I can say I will never go back to any other feed product as long as my feed store still supplies it. I am also a huge CANIDAE supporter. I have been using that product too since May 2010. Thank you for making a product that defines EQUINE! Picnic will always be on EQUIDAE, even if I have to buy a pallet!!!

Diva on EQUIDAE"I tell everyone EQUIDAE made the difference"

Jesika B. and Diva
Second Chance Ranch
Gardnerville, NV
May 2011

I started feeding EQUIDAE on a chance. I was at the three day Gymkhana Show and half way through the last day I noticed that Diva didn't have the "pep" she normally had, and it showed in our times. Diva was tired. I had been feeding a home mixed grain and my CANIDAE dealer said that CANIDAE had just come out with a horse feed and did I want to try it. I said of course. I had to do something, knowing I had another long weekend in about a month. So I started feeding the Alfalfa Plus, and I noticed the difference in about a week. Her coat stated to get more shiny, her mane and tale softer.
Gymkhana Show
Going into the weekend-long show I upped the amount I gave her and by the end of the three day show she was still running strong. She wasn’t as "high" as just grain made her, but she had energy that lasted all day and even my competitors noticed a difference and asked what I had done! We even moved up two spots in the standings to finish 4th overall in the open division!!!

IJesika B. and Diva tell everyone EQUIDAE made the difference. I didn’t change my training schedule, I just changed feed. This is not only praise for EQUIDAE, but also for the horse everyone gave up on. I got her as a three year old. She was on her way to the feed lot, and I didn’t ask why I just paid the money to bail her out of horsey jail. I could see the potential in her eyes and all she needed was a good home. Now, four years later she has five champion buckles, divisional championships, and money under her cinch! Now I make sure when I pack the trailer I always pack an extra bag of EQUIDAE! I really thank EQUIDAE for making such a great product. I feed it and recommend it to anyone who cares about what they feed!

Charm and Jolee"Charm" & friends thriving on EQUIDAE

Penny A.
One Horse at a Time
Nicholasville, KY
May 2011

ICharm rescued Charm in July 2010 from a feedlot in New Jersey. She is only two years old - a beautiful TB filly. She's doing VERY well on EQUIDAE feed.

Attached are pictures from the feed lot, shot in July 2010, and various shots taken in the late fall, and one (with Jolee) from this spring.

Charm is STILL growing. She was slightly under 16 hands upon arrival. She's well over that now and will top out at 17 hands when done. I feed her two scoops of EQUIDAE in the morning... and two flakes now that there is grass of alfalfa. She gets the same for dinner.

Big BabooAlso attaching a photo of the old guy I take care of who is also on EQUIDAE. His name is Big Red. He's an appendix QH - 26 years old.

Lastly, there's a photo of the Big Baboo - Mr. Midnight's Stud Duck - my 11 year old Tennessee Walking Horse - aka the labrawalker, aka the air fern - he also gets EQUIDAE.

Maggie"Maggie will be on EQUIDAE forever"

Steve and Dianne M.
Norco, CA
April 2011

Maggie is a ten year old mare, a trained cutting horse and one of those horses you always dream of. Gentle, loving and willing to please with all the physical ability you could ask for. Throughout her early cutting career she was inconsistent. She would perform perfectly in the practice pen and fall apart in the show pen. We have tried everything: working her, not working her, breeding her, changing her feed... all without solid results.

We were fortunate to participate in a feeding trial with EQUIDAE for three months. She put on needed weight in the first couple of weeks. In a month, she relaxed enjoying her work outs, just like one of our geldings. We found that she would get an insulin high from other manufacturers' supplements. With EQUIDAE she has become the mare we knew she would become. Thank you! Thank you! Maggie will be on EQUIDAE forever.