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Rescued ThoroughbredRescued Thoroughbred "Luke" to be Sponsored by and Fed EQUIDAE

The 7 year old thoroughbred pictured [right] was found wandering the streets in September 2010 and was rescued by the Apple Valley Humane Society on the 14th. Our friend Melissa Auman of Horses of Course was called in to look after his feet. An examination revealed the horse appears to be in reasonable health, but was obviously underweight and needed to gain 500 pounds.

LukeMelissa approached EQUIDAE Sales Manager Mike DeNunzio who immediately agreed to provide all of the EQUIDAE feed needed to put this beautiful animal back on a healthy track. "This is the first horse in this state of physical health we will be helping. I can't wait to see the results as EQUIDAE provides him with the nutrition he needs to gain back a healthy physique and the proper weight," said DeNunzio.

This thoroughbred is sponsored by EQUIDAE and maintained by Melissa Auman who provides only fresh grass hay and EQUIDAE for Luke's nutrition.

Already looking so much better after just 4 short months, Melissa Auman's EQUIDAE sponsored rescue horse is now bright eyed with a shiny coat and putting weight on [before and after picture, above left]. "It's amazing what proper nutrition, environment, hoof care and some TLC can do for an animal in a little over 4 months," said Auman.

Luke 12/19/11Towards the end of 2011 we received this wonderful photo of Luke [right] after about 14 months on EQUIDAE. What a difference!