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About Alltech Advantage®

EQUIDAE Horse Feed is proud to partner with Alltech, the leader in Equine Feed Supplements for over 30 years. Alltech's core competency has been yeast and natural enzyme technology and the company has applied many years of experience in innovative technologies to provide a range of natural solutions to the animal feed industry for improving animal performance. Combined with Steam Extrusion manufacturing and our premium, high quality ingredients, Alltech Advantage® helps us to provide your horse with the finest equine nutrition available, offering the best overall intestinal health for optimal performance.


  • Optimum coat and hoof condition
  • Higher bio-activity
  • No interaction with other nutrients = no negative impact on calcium and vitamins


  • Prevents muscle tie-up
  • Supports a healthy immune function
  • Promotes a healthy antioxidant status
  • Supports reproduction


  • Maintains the optimum balance of gut bacteria
  • Maximize good bacteria
  • Creates a more ideal digestive environment to support gut health


  • A natural solution to help horses achieve their true potential


  • Ammonia control


  • Supports gut health
  • Reduced incidence of feed induced colic